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Accounting is important because it is the way companies grow. It is backbones of the business financial world.

Whether your company makes a profit or not is determined by the annual financial report which your company has to draft and file no later than 30 June of the next year.

The accountant will, of course, take care of the booking and taxes but will also deal with the security contributions for the manager and the employees if you want to hire someone to work for you.

Hiring an accountant or a company like Global Invest Consult to take care of your company accounting is a must!

Please contact us and we will prepare for you the best offer for you accounting services depending of the volume of you company and your documents turnover.



When you register a company in Bulgaria it isn’t automatically a registered enterprise under the VAT act. If you want your company to charge VAT, you must first register it in the National revenue agency. Regardless of whether you want to do this or not, the company has to be registered if it imports or exports goods and services from and to other countries or once it reaches a commercial turnover of 50,000 BGN for a period of 12 months. Voluntary registration is also possible and the procedure can be concluded in 2 weeks.

Corporate income tax in Bulgaria is flat 10% and is paid on an annual basis if the company makes a profit for the calendar year. If you want to transfer the profit to you as an owner of the company you must also pay a capital gains tax of 5%.

Please contact us and we will handle the VAT registration of your company!